Membership Database: Features

Association DNA empowers associations to do more by improving work done across 23 critical touch points that can generate efficiency gains of up to 82%.

One Database, 360° View

Our AMS is designed to have one database connect all of your data, which cuts out duplication of effort while also providing extra functionality to your members and the public.

  1. Administrators see all interactions for a member in a single place, helping them work more efficiently.
  2. Members can join, renew and manage their own information.
  3. The Public can see some of your data, like member directory pages, as you allow.

What else does Association DNA offer?

Association DNA is designed to help you do more, by providing features that leverage the advantages of a web-based environment that enable you to work more efficiently.

See the Information That Matters, Immediately.

Our visual dashboards show you a snapshot of the information that matters most.

The Trade and Professional editions of Association DNA come with pre-built reports that match the needs of these associations. The Engineered edition of Association DNA lets you customize your reports and show different reports for each user.

Advanced Reports Help You See Further.

One differentiator of our AMS is that we let you create online forms that expand the information you collect.

Our advanced search tools let you merge this information with other information about your members, so that you can gain valuable insights. It's our "big data" advantage.

Save Time with Reports Direct-to-your-Inbox.

We believe that you shouldn't have to go looking for important information, which is why we designed PowerStreams in our AMS to deliver critical reports to your inbox.

Our proprietary charting module means that you can get visual charts in your inbox on the schedule you set, without ever having to log-in to the database.

Ensures Tasks are Automated, Information Connected.

With e-commerce fully integrated into your AMS, you never have to worry about tricky integration with your online transactions again.

What's more, by using Association DNA's e-commerce features, we are able to detect critical information.

One system. Many events.

Events are the lifeblood of many associations, so we took great care in developing an events module that was easy to use and offered powerful features.

Our events module lets you configure new events and includes session management tools as well as integrated e-commerce options.

Greater Reach through our integrated web tools.
Increased Renewals due to increased member satisfaction and value.
Improved Relevancy to your members.

What do Association DNA clients say?

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