Trade Associations

Association DNA Trade Edition

Our all-in-one member database system is specifically designed with trade associations in mind.

Our aim is to save you and your organization time. Right out-of-the-box, we provide all the tools you need to organize your members, communicate with clients and so much more.

Our public facing directory merges beautiful custom pages for each member with Google maps to create complete member profile.

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What makes Association DNA Trade Edition different?

Association DNA Trade Edition combines ease of use, functionality and beauty into one package.

Organize your contacts by company, location and by the individual. Move contacts from one location to another, or one company to another, with just a few clicks.

Trade Edition saves your association time by managing event creation, data entry and other mundane tasks so you can focus on the things that matter.

Allow your members to create custom profiles from your website which instantly updates your contacts database. Organize groups, grant different levels of web access, merge with Google maps and broadcast emails to your members.

We give you the tools to run your association better, while also taking a new approach to the protection of your most trusted asset: your member data.

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What else does Trade Edition offer?

Trade Edition comes loaded with key features to best support your trade association's needs.


Help your members showcase their companies through beautiful self-managed profile pages where they can manage their own:

  • Company logo
  • Listing information
  • How their contact information appears
  • Link to Google Maps
  • Link to social media

Reports is a powerful tool which allows your staff to create and use standard and custom queries of the entire database.

  • Create lists of different categories of members, such as search for conference delegates or only active members
  • Export your lists for use in spreadsheets (such as Microsoft Excel) or for email broadcasts

Our events and conference feature allows you to create multiple events synced with our e-commerce feature.

  • Automatically set the start and end times of registration
  • Set unique prices for members and non-members
  • Set ‘early bird’ or promotional pricing which can automatically switch to regular pricing at a preset time
  • Set registration caps or limited spots
  • Have Association DNA send auto-confirmation emails to registrants
  • Concurrent sessions

People move around inside an industry. Trade Edition helps keep track of these people without losing their volunteer and conference history. Switch contacts from one office location to another or one company to another with just a few clicks.


Companies have multiple points of contact. Trade Edition allows you to assign roles to contacts, such as CEO, Sales, PR, Tech Support, etc. rather than having only one general company contact.

Target email blasts to specific roles, such as all CEO’s.


How simple can e-commerce be?

  • Sell memberships, renewals, event tickets with ease
  • Secure
  • All transactions recorded (including authorization number, invoice number, amount, approval codes, etc.)
  • Pre-configured to work with Moneris, Beanstream, Caledon, EigenMirapay, InternetSecure, Mirapay, Paypal, Psigate, and
  • Can be set to work with any merchant account with a solid API
  • Conforms to Privacy by Design standards
email blast

Create and schedule email broadcasts.

  • Target broadcasts to your entire contact list or only certain groups
  • Emails can be created from scratch or by starting with a previously created and saved email letter
  • Database fields can be inserted, such as "Dear [first name]", allowing for dynamic "mail-merge" messages

Why choose us?

  • Complete on-the-phone training included
  • A complete AMS system you can't find anywhere else
  • Continuously updated and improved to best serve today's technology
  • Features based on the real requests and needs of real clients

What do Association DNA clients say?

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