Why Association DNA?

R3 Engine: Advantage

Association DNA is a fully web-enabled platform designed to help your staff work more efficiently, so they can use their time where it is most needed: on your core mandate and strategic objectives.

The results have been impressive: Our clients see double-digit efficiency improvements across 23 touch points in their associations, leading to our R3 Engine advantage: greater reach, increased renewals and improved relevance.

What does the R3 Engine look like, in practical terms?

We start by streamlining your everyday processes, automating mundane tasks by seamlessly connecting your database with your website to automate the process of accepting data from your website and eliminate manual processes — especially manual data entry. Our goal is to help you do your job, faster.

Next we help you see further, by creating powerful reports that can connect multiple points from the data you have collected.

Our powerful email communication tools let you email a list of people from any report you create, and offers unparalleled personalization as you can create lists using any information from the report in your emails.

We then help you customize your dashboard, so that each user sees the information that matters most, rather than generic reports that often look pretty but offer little value. Always aware of the limited number of hours in the day, we also let you stream the most important charts to your email inbox.

We have also implemented Privacy by Design (PbD) controls, in our entire software system to help you better protect any sensitive information in your database, because we believe security should not be dealt with superficially.

There are other advantages as well, like our powerful e-commerce tools that make it easy for you to sell things online, web forms that empower you to collect any type of information on your website and groups that make it easy to create sub-sets of your membership database.

The result: When you switch to Association DNA your association should expect to see double digit efficiency improvements that lead to our R3 Advantage: greater Reach, increased Renewals and improved Relevancy.

With so much to offer, if you are looking to upgrade your AMS, we invite you to learn more by Booking a demo today!